Configuring shells


Via Shell > Edit shell configurations, you can edit and add shell configurations. This allows you to for example select the initial directory, or use a custom PYTHONPATH.

Each config has the following fields:

  • name: the name of the shell config.
  • exe: the executable for the Python interpreter to use. Use the dropdown menu to see what interpreters were detected by Pyzo.
  • ipython: whether to use the IPython shell or not.
  • gui: The gui toolkit to use. Enabling this allows you to do interactive plotting. By default this value is set on “auto”.
  • pythonpath: provide a directory name on each line. These directories are used by Python to search for modules.
  • startupScript: a script to run at startup. You can also just write a few lines of code here.
  • startDir: the initial directory.
  • argv: simulate command-line arguments passed to the interpreter.
  • environ: environment variables to pass to the interpreter.