Python to the people

Pyzo is a free and open-source computing environment based on Python. Our mission is to make tools for data-centric programming that are easy to obtain and easy to use.

Essentially, Pyzo is a Python distribution that comes with many scientific packages and a powerful IDE. For insiders: Pyzo is based on Python 3, uses Conda for package management, comes with IPython, and uses IEP as the main IDE.


You can also follow updates by adding +pyzo on google-plus. For version history see the release notes.


Pyzo distro 2015a is available for download!


Pyzo distro 2014a is available for download!


Pyzo distro 2013c is available for download!


Release 2013b of Pyzo distro is available for download!


The first release of Pyzo distro is available for download!


We’ve got a new website!